An online team of passionate women & men sharing resources to affect change in Western New York, Women in Action brings together enthusiastic community members to act on behalf of women and girls.

Women in Action advocates to:
Inspire Change, Educate, Enact Legislation, Support Funding, Enable Policy Initiatives

 What is Women in Action?

Members' increase knowledge of issues relating to adolescent girls, single mothers in poverty, aspiring working women, victims of abuse, and senior women through monthly educational materials.

Members assist in advocacy calls-to-action during key periods, particularly December through April.

If I sign-up, how often will I receive emails?

We send a few emails a month and ensure that you know that the email is an 'Action' or 'Education' blast. The Action emails will be time-sensitive and Education are for whenever you have time! We are conscience of how many emails everyone receives and will not overload your inbox!

Together we will remove barriers and provide opportunities for women and girls!