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  • Jane Buck Honoring Franca Trincia

    "Franca, A donation has been made to WNY Women's Fund in honor of you for all you have done for this community. I am honored to call you my friend. Jane"

  • Stephanie Eghigian Honoring Remla Parthasarathy

    "To my wonderful, strong friend in honor of her birthday."

  • Gina Campbell Honoring Sally Marks

    "True Grit"

  • Marcy Skehan Honoring Suzanne Coppola

    "Dear Mom, The source of your love and strength is evident in the advice you give me every time I speak to you. A kiss on the cheek, a hug, and a reminder that God is first. I, in turn, have tried to share the same advice with my four children. Thank you, Mom! You are an amazing Mother and friend! I love you, dearly! Marcy "

  • Lydia Bezou-Hojnacki Honoring Lindy Boggs

    "Wonderful and gracious, a friend to all--accomplished so much for the people of the United States. A mother for us all, Lindy is a friend I will always cherish. Cokie learned well from her how to serve our country"

  • anonomous Honoring Anne Saldanha

    "Anne has been an inspiration and a fantastic role model. Her passion for making a difference in the community is contagious and incredibly generous."

  • Catherine Whitehead Honoring Courtney Ziese

    "My best girlfriend of 23 years, Courtney, never fails to amaze me. Even though she has lost her mother and only brother she is there for all of her friends when THEY need her. She has been through a lot in her life, however she remains positive, strong, loving, and selfless. I am honored to say that she will forever be a part of my life!"

  • Catherine Whitehead Remembering Grace Bialasik

    "My Grandmother Grace was an amazing, selfless, and one of the most hardworking women I have ever known. She taught me that with hard work and determination anything is possible. But what she also taught me was that no matter what, you have to always be true to yourself, and it's never to late to do what makes you happy!"

  • Siobhan Smith Honoring Barbara Noyes

    "Barb is a a mentor, coach, and leader in our organization, New Era. So many people turn to her for guidance because she is an ideal role model. In leading our largest Busines Unit, she continues to stretch her team to new heights. It is an honor to work with her."

  • Carolyn Coppola Honoring Helen Arndt

    "My grandmother was a single mother of 2 back in the 50's. Her strength, determination and selflessness is like none I have ever seen. Saving every penny to help my parents start their business and to later help out with college for her grandchildren. She took the train into NYC everyday, always in a skirt or dress and looking her best. She had a tough life but she was tougher!"