Please read the following terms and conditions:

I hereby give the WNY Women's Foundation the right and permission to publish my name and tribute for the specific purpose of publication to their website,, marketing materials for the WNY Women's Foundation, and to be printed in the program booklet for the What She's Made of event on June 13, 2012. 

In giving my consent, I hereby release and hold harmless the WNY Women's Foundation, their offices, employees,and Board of Directors from any and all responsibility or liability. I understand that I will receive no compensation, should any information or tribute from myself be used. I understand my information and my tribute will be maintained at the WNY Women's Foundation. I understand I may change or withdraw this release/consent at any time by contacting the WNY Women's Foundation in writing to 742 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14209

This release, your information and tribute will be valid up to two (2) annual years (May 2012 to May 2014). I understand that all tributes released to the WNY Women's Foundation will be stored and may be used on the website and in the newsletter with-in this two year time period. 

I understand the WNY Women's Foundation has full authority as to which information and tributes they choose to place on their website, use for marketing materials and print in the program booklet for the What She's Made Of event on June 13, 2012. The WNY Women's Foundation is not required nor obligated to use any information or tributes I submit.

I have read this agreement and understand it.


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