Past Initiatives

Since 1999, WNY Women's Foundation has committed to serving as a resource for women and girls in our community and working toward systemic change.


Recent past initiatives includes:

Out Of School Time Initiative

Child Care Initiative



Belmont Housing Resources for WNY| $58,650

Program: Assets for Independence

The Assets for Independence Program supported the establishment of Individual Development Accounts (IDA) and provided women with incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty level with various supports and training to assist with saving toward asset acquisitions of a home or small business.

What is our Impact?

  • 86 women participated in the IDA matched savings program
  • 44 have purchased a home
  • 5 have started their own business
  • 36 are currently saving in their accounts for their home purchase

Amount saved: $76,826.23

Savings + match for asset: $220,000.00

Per dollar invested: $23.52