WNY Women's Foundation Celebrates Growth and Change

Hauptman Woodward Institute

February 29, 2012 

The Launch Event on February 29th was a time to celebrate the change from the WNY Women's Fund, a program of the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County and Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, to an independent 501(c)3 organization, now known as the WNY Women's Foundation. Thank you to everyone who joined us on our special night to celebrate our independence as the WNY Women's Foundation. 

The WNY Women's Foundation's mission is to remove roadblocks and to provide opportunities to enable women and girls to become self sufficient. When women and girls are secure, entire communities are stronger.

The event included an unveiling of the new brand identity and logo and the Foundation's future plans for providing opportunities to help women and girls to thrive. Heather Filipowicz, Executive Director of WWF & Alice Jacobs, Chair, Board of Director WWF, discussed the Foundation's accomplishments and which are the outlining areas of focus moving forward.  Also, Susan Block, executive director of the Child Care Resource Network, spoke on the importance of QualitystarsNY and the relationship with the Foundation.