The mission of the WNY Women's Foundation is to remove barriers and provide
opportunities for women and girls to become self-sufficient.
We believe that when women and girls are secure, entire communities are stronger.

How do we do our work?

WE EMPOWER women and girls in Western NY to find their own strength, power and voice.

WE ADVOCATE for programs, policies and legislation that promote women's empowerment through economic opportunity and
      increased influence and impact.

WE CONVENE stakeholders and foster a shared vision in order to facilitate collaboration and support women and girls in our

WE RESEARCH issues affecting women and girls in order to tell their story and develop strategies to address the greatest areas of

WE EDUCATE the community on issues affecting women while supporting the personal and professional development of women
      so they can reach their full potential.

WE INVEST in programs that give women and girls the opportunity to thrive and become economically self-sufficient.

We currently advocate, provide leadership and offer funding for innovative and best-practice models that strive for both short and long-term impact for three of the key women in our 2010 Pathways to Progress Report - "Maria" - an adolescent girl; "Gina" - a single mother living in poverty; and "Barbara" - an aspiring leader.  

   1. Affordable, accessible, quality childcare
   2. Family sustaining jobs for women and their families
   3. Building strength and resilience in adolescent girls
   4. Policies and support for working women
Equal representation for women in leadership positions

Since 2001, the WNY Women's Foundation has invested $1.4 million in targeted programs, research, and collaborations. The Foundation is a member of the Women's Funding Network, an organization of over 135 Women's Funds and Foundation's from across the globe, representing over $450 million in assets.