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The WNY Women's Foundation supports programs, legislation, and initiatives that EMPOWER WOMEN and promote economic opportunity and gender equity.  Our advocacy and initiatives break down barriers to and create opportunities for women's economic security.  In 2017, the WNY Women's Foundation's advocacy agenda supports WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT by promoting workforce policies and programs that offer women and girls opportunities to achieve their personal and professional goals while striving to change biased systems that hold women back from having an equitable stake in leadershipThe Foundation's advocacy work will also be supported by the ALL-IN initiative which works on individual, community and business levels.   

Check out our ROAD TO SUCCESS info-graphic to learn more about the supports available and policy needed to pave the way for our children cradle to career. 

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2017 Advocacy Strategic Priorities:


We must create a WNY community that is a great place for women to live, work and grow - one that supports all aspects of gender equity and invests in purposeful efforts to both empower women and elevate them into leadership positions in our community.

Strategies: Individual; Community; Business


Every woman, regardless of her socio-economic background, education level, or professional status, must have opportunities to engage in her community and experience economic success for herself and her family.  We must change the culture of how we think about family friendly policies and child care - they are essential workforce supports for families to engage in meaningful, family sustaining careers. When women are able to fully engage in the workforce, they are able to grow as leaders, influencers and change-makers.

Strategies: Child Care Subsidies; Quality Child Care; Child Care & Economic Development; Family Friendly Policies


To empower women we address the structural impediments that keep women of all ages from achieving their goals.  We must build the economic strength of women, level the playing field in work settings, increase opportunity and strengthen the voice of women in our society. Women must be treated as equals in the workplace and encouraged to enter into high wage, high demand fields where women have traditionally been under-represented.

Strategies: Pay Equity; Women in STEM & The Trades

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By voting, you are making your voice heard and registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate. Unfortunately, New York State is ranked 46th in the United States for voter turnout.  In recent elections, voter turnout rates for women has equaled or exceeded voter turnout rates for men. In 2014, 43% of eligible women and 40.8% of eligible men report voting.

The WNY Women's Foundation is committed to creating a vibrant WNY community where women and girls have the opportunity to thrive.  Once of the ways we hope to achieve our goal is to educate the public on issues affecting women and girls - especially related to their economic opportunity. Some of the most pressing issues for women are highlighted in our VOTER EDUCATION GUIDE to educate YOU, the voter.  

While this guide also provides the information you need about how, what, where and why to vote - who you vote for is totally up to you!

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